1~2 Punch CBN~D8 | 3,630mg |


Sparkle 1-2 Punch – Because Everyone is Unique

1-2 Punch Includes two (2) 30mL Dropper bottles:

  • CBN~1~Punch | 1,734mg Cannabinoids | 18.5mg CBN | 58mg Cannabinoids per mL |
  • D8~2~Punch | 1,896mg Cannabinoids | 24mg D8-9 | 63mg Cannabinoids per mL |

No two people have the same cannabinoid receptors.  No two people process cannabinoids the same way.  The 1-2 Punch provides a total 3,630mg of cannabinoids in 2 separate bottles – one of CBN, the second of D8.  This design allows you to formulate your own ratio of CBN to Delta8 to find the perfect balance of D8/CBN for your unique needs.  Whether that’s a CBN:D8 ratio of 1:1 or 1:4 or 4:1, the 1-2 Punch is the first and only product of its kind to give you the flexibility to find the perfect CBN:D8 ratio for you. The 1-2 Punch is our premium water soluble formulation, designed for speedy onset, maximum uptake, and one-of-a-kind dosing options to match your unique needs.

SparkleD8 1-2 Punch combines full spectrum, hemp derived D8, CBN, CBD and proprietary terpenes into a powerful cannabinoid experience.  As a micro-dose for daytime or evening use.  None of the statements in this web site should be construed as dispensing medical advice or making claims regarding the cure of diseases or effects this product will produce.

Craft made in our own SparkleD8 kitchen, all of our products are 3rd Party Tested to demonstrate accurate potency, free of heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents and microbials.

Contains less than .3% D9 THC by weight.

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Time to Onset

  • Time to effect (onset) is related directly to how much food is in your system.
  • Full stomach? Taken after a meal?  Expect delayed onset.
  • Empty stomach – expect faster onset.
  • Cannabinoids affect everyone differently, including different times of onset.
  • Consider your unique response and the food in your system as you evaluate your own time to onset.

Sparkle 1-2 Punch – Finding Your Happy Place

Dosing 1:1 CBN:D8

______ 5mg

  • CBN~1~Punch – .27mL = 5mg CBN
  •   D8~2~Punch – .20mL = 5mg D8

______ 10mg

  • CBN~1~Punch – .54mL = 10mg CBN
  •   D8~2~Punch – .40mL = 10mg D8

______ 15mg

  • CBN~1~Punch – .81mL = 15mg CBN
  •   D8~2~Punch – .60mL = 15mg D8


Dosing 2:1 CBN:D8

  • CBN~1~Punch – .54mL = 10mg CBN
  •   D8~2~Punch – .20mL = 5mg D8


Dosing 3:1 CBN:D8

  • CBN~1~Punch – .81mL = 15mg CBN
  •   D8~2~Punch – .20mL = 5mg D8


Dosing 4:1 CBN:D8

  • CBN~1~Pnch 1.08mL = 20mg CBN
  •   D8~2~Pnch .20mL = 5mg D8

Supplement Facts


  • Servings per 30mL: 70
  • Serving size: .43 mL | 25mg cannabinoids| 8mg CBN


  • Servings per 30mL: 75
  • Serving size: .40 mL | 25mg cannabinoids | 9.6mg D8

Active Ingredients


  • 58mg cannabinoids per mL, (from full spectrum hemp-derived extracts and isomers)
  • including: CBD, CBG, terpenes and 18.5mg CBN per 1 mL (.3% or less D9 THC by weight).


  • 63mg cannabinoids per mL, (from full spectrum hemp-derived extracts and isomers)
  • including: CBD, CBG, terpenes and 24mg combined D8/D9 THC per 1 mL (.3% or less D9 THC by weight).


  • Sugar alcohols, coconut oil, full spectrum hemp extracts & proprietary terpenes.
  • Amount Per Serving: Calories 0, Total Sugars <1g (0%DV), (inc. <1gr added sugars, <1% DV)
  • Not a significant source of protein, saturated fat, trans fat cholesterol, dietary fiber vit. D, calcium, iron, potassium.


  • CAUTION: Effects may be delayed by 2+ hours. Do not use if pregnant or lactating.
  • It is against the law to drive or operate machinery while under the influence of this product.
  • Drug interactions may occur, do not use with other drugs or alcohol.
  • Statements of intended use have not been evaluated by the FDA.
  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • Store in a cool dry place, away from heat and light.

**Less than .3% D9 by weight.

Additional information

Weight 6.8 oz
1-2 Punch

1-2Punch, CBN~1~Punch, D8~2~Punch


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